Creating Battery Tech to Power Tomorrow.

Our Vision and Philosophy

At PJP Eye Ltd., our corporate vision and philosophy is based on the ancient Chinese proverb about water. It reads:

Water runs freely. No barriers hinder its force. It cleanses imperfections in its natural flow from trickling water drop, to streams and rivers and oceans. Whatever shape water takes, it is true to its original integrity. Our corporate aim is to realize an ecologically sustainable world by providing electrical energy that flows as freely as water.

Our Mission

PJP Eye is an energy solution company that provides green energy solutions to our customers worldwide.

Our research institute works in collaboration with global partners to update the safety, long durability and peak functionality of our Cambria Eye carbon battery.

For it is our aim is to provide our clients and partners with optimal energy grids. This is our aim to make the planet greener.


Here at PJP Eye, we produce a carbon battery as sustainable LIB (lithium ion battery) that carries the essence of green energy under the Cambria Eye© brand. Since Cambria Eye© does not include any rare metals at all, it avoid resource restriction as much as possible. Our original carbon and other materials with low environmental impact are used in cathode and anode material. Two lineup is available, both of which have tremendously high recycling capabilities.

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Our passion for sustainable development will never allow our journey to end

Greetings From Our Management Team

In the 21st century, one of the major issues mankind faces is how to best utilize energy resources. For the future of our global environment clean energy is vital to this equation. At PJP Eye we are developing new sustainable energy technology and business models to lead the way to solving these issues. Our vision is based on the example of 500 million years ago. It was a time when our planet experienced a sudden leap in evolution. This led to a greater diversity and abundance in the Earth’s ecosystem. Living organisms rapidly started developing eyes to see the world in a different way. Scientists call this period in history, the Cambrian Era. At PJP Eye our product line of leading edge environmentally sustainable batteries are called Cambria Eye. This name reflects our vision to create new technologies that can bring about “a new leap in evolution” so that we can all live a bright and sustainable future.

Hiroaki Nishina

Founder / CEO / Representative of Director

As a certified public accountant, especially through my work at a leading auditing company, I have come to see first hand the varying ways companies approach the emerging energy economy. Our company name, PJP Eye refers to how we look at the world to create a sustainable energy future. Our vision is focused on creating new energy related technologies, while working with our clients and shareholders to build new collaborative networks and markets.

June Oyama

Executive Vice President / CFO / CPA