Cambrian battery

Dual Carbon Battery

  • Use carbon as an active agent for both cathode and anode material
  • Medium to small-sized cells
  • Features include fast charging / discharging and extra-long life

Single Carbon Battery

  • Use Lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) for cathode and carbon for anode
  • Medium to large-sized cells
  • Homologize the cell design that emphasizes capacity as well as power



Rare metals are used as little as possible for electrode active materials and no mining of exhaustible resources, the designs are extremely eco-friendly.

Rapid Charging and Discharging

The performance won’t drop even if a high-rate battery design is adopted and can manage rapid charging and discharging. Its performance can be further improved by combining it with BMS designed internally.

High Level of Safety

Due to a stable structure of the active materials, it is less likely to discharge oxygen even when overcharged, and there is little danger of fire or explosion. It also has a low risk of explosion even if it is internally short-circuited.

Long-Life Span

With its excellent cycle capability, approximately 90% of the capacity (the number will slightly differ depending on the battery usage) can be retained even if charging and discharging of 8,000 cycles are performed.


Energy Density

Type S Single carbon battery will have approximately 10% lower volume energy density and weight energy density than LIB.


Although the price is high because it is not mass-produced, with the volume of about 200,000 cells production can achieve roughly the same price range as the domestically-produced LIB.

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