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    ■The Origin of Our Company and Product Names

    Passion never make our Journey ended Perpetual.
    Passion will never end our journey.
    The “Eye” refers to our battery brand, “Cambria Eye”.

    ■Greetings From Our Management Team

    June Oyama
    Executive Vice President / CFO / CPA

    As a certified public accountant, especially through my work at a leading auditing company, I have come to see first hand the varying ways companies approach the emerging energy economy. Our company name, PJP Eye refers to how we look at the world to create a sustainable energy future. Our vision is focused on creating new energy related technologies, while working with our clients and shareholders to build new collaborative networks and markets.

    Hiroaki Nishina
    Founder / CEO / Representative of Director

    [How We Got got our Company Name and Product Name]
    In the 21st century, one of the major issues mankind faces is how to best utilize energy resources. For the future of our global environment clean energy is vital to this equation. At PJP Eye we are developing new sustainable energy technology and business models to lead the way to solving these issues.
    Our vision is based on the example of 500 million years ago. It was a time when our planet experienced a sudden leap in evolution. This led to a greater diversity and abundance in the Earth’s ecosystem. Living organisms rapidly started developing eyes to see the world in a different way. Scientists call this period in history, the Cambrian Era.
    At PJP Eye our product line of leading edge environmentally sustainable batteries are called Cambria Eye. This name reflects our vision to create new technologies that can bring about “a new leap in evolution” so that we can all live a bright and sustainable future.