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    ■Cambria Eye

    Carbon battery brand, Cambria Eye© uses our original carbon and other materials.
    It encompasses two types of carbon battery technologies: Single and Dual types.
    Both battery types feature high sustainability throughout the entire process of material production, cell production, and even up to discarding, as well as having a small environmental impact.
    Rare metals are not used for active substances in either the single or dual types. They do not discharge oxygen, which can be a cause of combustion, making them extremely safe LIBs.
    Furthermore, these batteries are extremely conscious of the environment; fast charging, high-performing, and are longer life.

    ー "Cambrian Spare Battery" for Mobile Phone ー
    Capacity: 3000mA
    Type:Cambrian Single
    Fast charger: Accessory
    Full charging time: 7 minutes
    Usable: 5,000 times
    ※ Full charging for about once a mobile phone is possible. Unlike ternary lithium ion batteries, it does not explode, making it a secure and safe next-generation battery. With great recycling performance, it is Earth-friendly clean-energy battery.

    ■Features of Cambria Eye

    ⇒Rare metals are used as little as possible for electrode active materials and no mining of exhaustible resources, the designs are extremely eco-friendly.
    ■Rapid Charging and Discharging
    ⇒The performance won’t drop even if a high-rate battery design is adopted and can manage rapid charging and discharging. Its performance can be further improved by combining it with BMS designed internally.
    ■High Level of Safety
    ⇒Due to a stable structure of the active materials, it is less likely to discharge oxygen even when overcharged, and there is little danger of fire or explosion. It also has a low risk of explosion even if it is internally short-circuited.
    ■Long-Life Span
    ⇒With its excellent cycle capability, approximately 90% of the capacity (the number will slightly differ depending on the battery usage) can be retained even if charging and discharging of 8,000 cycles are performed.

    ■Energy Density
    ⇒Type 2 will have approximately 10% lower volume energy density and weight energy density than LIB.
    ⇒Although the price is high because it is not mass-produced, with the volume of about 200,000 cells production can achieve roughly the same price range as the domestically-produced LIB.

    ■Our Services

    We offer proposals, consultations, demonstrations, manufacturing, and sales of sustainable electrical power systems that use Cambria Eye© cells as its key device in order to meet your requests and resolve any issues you may have.

    ■Cambrian Eye Usable Area

    ー STORAGE ー

    As IT technologies have become more enhanced, the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) during an emergency situation in data centers is becoming indispensable. Furthermore, electricity deregulation and strategic energy conservation for environmental reasons are increasing in significance, with the HEMS and BEMS markets predicted to grow further more.

    Internet data center

    Home energy management system

    Business energy management system

    External battery / Spare battery

    ー MOBILE / PC ー

    ー Green mobility EV ー

    The global demand for EVs is predicted to rise given how European countries one after another are proposing a total ban of gasoline and diesel vehicles. PJP Eye possess the Green mobility EV carbon battery technologies that utilize carbon and other materials that we have developed independently.


    Electric motorcycle

    EV/Electric Bus/Delivery vehicles


    ー RACE ー

    PJP Eye formed business alliance with T. Pro Innovation to establish technologies produced with speed to approach the consumer market by participating in races of different classes. Asian Championship/All Japan Championship/European Championship

    Our Partner