Cambrian Battery ™



A Comparison with Other Kinds of Batteries


Unlike other new batteries like air battery and all-solid-state batteries, Cambrian’s development has finished and succeeded in mass production and sales. In general, other new types of battery to be on the market from proof of concept, it takes 10 – 20 years.


Aging caused by charge and discharge does not happen in Cambrian, Cambrian has a life cycle much longer than other batteries. Although the lead-acid battery has a cycle life of 300 -500 times and Lithium-Ion Battery has 1000 – 1500 times, Cambrian has a result of only a reduction of 10 % performance after 8000 times charging cycles.


Because of high safety, quick charging is realized by charging with high current. A battery for mobility can be fully charged in 10 to 20 minutes. In an environment where charging time significantly contribute to the operational cost, it greatly reduces the charging cost.

High Level of

The bond between the active material and oxygen is strong, and the risk of releasing oxygen alone is almost zero. As a result, the risk of thermal runaway and runaway triggered by oxygen is almost zero.

Unique Carbon

Cambrian has been developed with R&D with PJP Eye LTD. and Kyushu University. By using our unique organic material into the negative electrode of the battery, we succeeded in improving the performance of the battery.

Unique Coating

We have unique know-how in the process and method of applying carbon slurry and positive electrode active material to the electrode and aim to improve battery performance.


Different from Ternary Lithium-ion battery which contain nickels, cobalt, manganese, Cambrian does not need any rare metals. Since it does not need rare metals, mining of the earth is not needed and thus, it contributes to the reduction of Co2 and sustainable development becomes practical.

Easy to Dispose
and Recycle

Since no rare metals are used in Cambrian, the complicated process of disposing of rare metals is not needed. Therefore, it’s easy to recycle carbon. For disposal, no harmful materials to the environment are used, it’s easy to recycle.

Resistant to
Extreme Environment

Our battery can be operated in an extreme environment from -20 to 60 degrees in Celcius. With Cambrian, EVs in the winter road in the Northern region is possible.

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10 min Quick Charge + 40% increase of flight distance + Operative in extreme temperature

According to a comparative experiment conducted, a drone equipped with our Cambrian flies 40% longer. In this experiment, the same drone was used with standard Li-Po and Cambrian units.

With Cambrian, a flight distance increase of 40% is expected and can be changed frequently with our rapid charging technology compared to Li-Po.

To distribute Disruptive Energy Solutions Worldwide

With our cutting edge technology, PJP Eye TEAM is committed to distributing the energy of the future to the smart cities as well as the people without energy worldwide