Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Cambrian battery and Lithium Ion Batteries?

Our carbon batteries do not use rare metals where as lithium ion batteries use rare metals such as nickel, cobalt, manganese. Cambrian uses the original metal oxide carbon as the active material. The unique material enables high safety and quick charging and realizes high cycle performance.

Is Cambrian Battery better than Lithium Ion in terms of performance of products?

Compared to existing lithium-ion batteries, the performance of Cambrian is not inferior. Although the energy volume density and energy weight density are slightly lower, complete discharge is possible, and 40% longer performance is achieved with the same storage capacity.

If we want to implement Cambrian into one of our products, what would be the timeline and cost?

This depends on the products, but there are cases where its prototype was developed in a minimum of about one week. Since the cost also depends on the circuit of each product and the protocol of the controller, we can not answer unconditionally, so please contact us.

What's the process of implementing Cambrian battery into products?

Each case is different, so please contact us.

What kind of products has implemented Cambrian Batteries?

Currently, we are granting a license to use the battery and developing products using the battery exclusively to Laboratory6 Co., Ltd. and incorporating it into various mobility. For details, please refer to the website of Laboratory6 Co., Ltd. https://www.laboratory6.net/e-vits



The size and weight of Cambrian is bigger than lithium-ion batteries ?

The energy volume density (the amount of energy stored per unit weight / capacity) is lower (about 10% less), and designing with the same capacity is slightly larger and heavier. However, the power density (power that can be taken out instantaneously per unit weight / capacity) is superior, and complete discharge is possible, so even if the capacity is smaller, the performance capacity is superior.

Cambrian products can be charged by charging stations around the world?

Cambrian products are able to get charged by a combo type normal charger.

Are you developing dual carbon batteries as well?

We are developing a dual carbon battery that uses carbon for both the positive and negative electrodes. Although some issues remain, such as improving the energy density, we are currently conducting trial production and testing using a pouch cell type. The performance is similar to a battery using graphene.

Are you associated with a company called Power Japan Plus?

We acquired the battery technology, business operation, know-how, and intellectual property that PowerJapanPlus jointly developed with Kyushu University, and our company was established in June 2017.

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