More than 13 years in sales (mobility, parts, customs clearance procedure).Graduated from University of London, Politics and International Relations. Viktoriya has broad experience in multiple social-economical projects including the improvement of the childcare system in Japan. Passionate about women empowerment and sustainability, Viktoriya tries to bring a good life-work balance for Japanese single moms through volunteer activities…

COO – PJP Eye US – JT Benavides Danckers


Danckers is an entrepreneur who has conducted a business where it has a chance to change the world. He has graduated from Houston Univ. and studied medical engineering. He believes that to achieve a sustainable world, there needs a sustainable process as well as products. 

His passion for creating positive impacts on society and sophisticated design with useful functions has had him create a business with a high level of art and execution. He is a board of directors and  CEO of Laboratory 6 US.

COO- Satoshi Ono


Ono has worked for an office equipment manufacturer for 20 years. During that time spent 8 years in the United States, overseeing the supply chain in North and South America. 

After returning to Japan, he made use of his experience and achieve results in general operation reforms at foreign medical equipment / POS / ATM manufacturers and marketing research firms.

Chief Intelligence Officer – Inketsu Okina

Chief Intelligence Officer

Okina graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in business administration, aiming to improve the condition of the world.

CFO/CPA – June Oyama


Oyama worked as an accountant at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the Japan Certified Public Accountants Association. He engaged in legal audits and IPO support work based on the listed company’s Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. He also was involved in actual IPO and gained experience.

Hiroaki Nishina
CEO – Hiroaki Nishina


With over 30 years of career as a serial entrepreneur, advanced technology inventor, and director of NGO “Eco planet” which is headquartered in New York United Nations headquarters NO2, he is the chairman of Laboratory 6 global.