Technology Information:Carbon Battery-Cambrian™

Single Carbon Battery

A battery with a metal oxide for the positive electrode and original carbon for the negative electrode. It has a high degree of safety due to its strong bond with oxygen, and achieves high cycle performance (number of times of charge / discharge) with the original anode material. No sustainable development is possible.

Dual Carbon Battery

Both the positive and negative electrodes use original carbon. The carbon material is also made from organic materials, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable battery. It is possible to design a high voltage battery. With development with Kyushu University, we have completed development of this innovative battery. We are preparing for the mass production of this battery.
Dual Carbon Battery
Dual Carbon Battery
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Battery Provider Business

We are also promoting the supply business for companies seeking carbon batteries with advanced and safe functions. It can also be installed on electric assisted bicycles planned for the future, or remodeled batteries of existing models. In addition to bicycles, battery supplies include golf carts and small buses registered as green slow mobility vehicles. In addition, it is possible to respond to various genres, such as remodeling of electric cars, senior cars, smartphones, drones with carbon batteries.
Cambrian Batteries
Cambrian Batteries

Power bank, a large-capacity portable storage battery

The “Power Bank,” a large-capacity portable type storage battery with a carbon battery, is about to be released. Despite the large capacity of 1 kw, full charge from zero remaining power achieves quick charge of only 50 minutes. It boasts a remarkable speed among uninterruptible power supplies of the same type. Equipped with a USB terminal and AC plug to supply power to smartphones and personal computers, etc., it is possible to always supply inverter power to home appliances. It is also possible to use a solar panel to assist power supply. Insufficient charging of smartphones during emergency evacuation has been widely reported as the biggest stress felt in evacuation centers. Since this power bank quickly recovers from zero remaining capacity, it also contributes to streamlining various charging operations in the infrastructure maintenance business. Also, carbon batteries do not ignite in the unlikely event of damage, so they can be said to be suitable for use in shelters. There have been accidents in fireworks displays where catastrophic fires broke out from stalls using gasoline generators, but a safer power bank than a dangerous gasoline generator should be a good power source for crowds.
Power Box
Power Box

Micro Power Plant

A 1kWh “power bank” can be fully charged in just 50 minutes. For example, a single 1kWh battery can use a 100W bulb for 10 hours (100W x 10 hours = 1000Wh = 1kWh, power consumption is 1kWh). We want to bring this “power bank” to countries without electricity. Portable “power bank” can be charged quickly by vending machine vendors with EV charging spot (normal charger) and charging function. Alternatively, by connecting external power generation equipment such as solar panels, wind power generators, cycle machine type generators used by bicycle racers at gas stations that lost power after the typhoon 19 in Chiba Prefecture (2019), Achieves power supply from small power plants and micro power plants using off-grid.

African children, for example, will generate electricity with great leg strength if they have a cycle machine type generator. The electricity that you make is stored and becomes electricity that your family uses. This will be very rewarding for local children and may create a cycle kid that rides at an amazing speed. Now, even in Africa, the use of smartphones is becoming commonplace at the citizen level. Power supplied by a power bank and solar panels can deliver electricity to countries without electricity to maintain lighting for children to study at night.
Our electric power provider business utilizing the “Power Bank” also considers remote islands and mountainous areas. We also applied for a smart island promotion survey conducted by the Remote Island Promotion Division of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism.
We will propose a sustainable power provider business that utilizes the performance of carbon batteries to countries around the world.

Green Mobility Business

We are looking for a place to sell an electric assisted bicycle equipped with a carbon battery that is now on sale. Two models are on sale now. “MAGALLANES”, a collaboration with Mamasari Type and the Cobblestone Cycle, costs 178,000 yen (excluding tax). A small-diameter “CAPRICORN” car that can be folded and has a unique design that draws attention is 240,000 yen (excluding tax). All are approaching various businesses with the aim of developing a retail cycle, a rental cycle and a share cycle. In addition, as a lineup of completed vehicles, the electric mini-velos “Kalmar” and “Corbil”, which are scheduled to be sold for less than 100,000 yen, an electric kick scooter “Malta” “Messi”, and a high-power electric trike “Tres” are also announced. It’s finish. In addition, we are considering sports types.
PJP Green Mobility Catalogue
PJP Green Mobility Catalogue

Drone Business

Demonstration tests have shown that drones with our Cambrian battery fly 40% longer than those with lithium-ion batteries. Why do not you develop a product that solves the charging time and battery life that are the bottlenecks of drones? We are promoting drone development from Japan.